4 September 2012 at 9:00 am, by Annie Chen

As a special surprise for my mom’s birthday, we went out to San Diego! Leesie and Paul picked us up from the airport and we stayed at their place until the next night when we had a surprise dinner for my mom – it was a blast. And Aunt Susie came too! Every day was a party – we really enjoyed being together and I had forgotten how nice the SUN was. There were also great times catching up with Sarah, Anne-Reed, and Lily. Oh yeah, and Jordan came down from LA too. I should have blogged this all a while ago – I have forgotten a bunch of it I’m sure. What I am absolutely sure about though is that I look back on the trip with so much joy – definitely a celebration.

I just wish I had more photos – I was so relaxed that I think I forgot my camera most of the time – sorry about that!

We also made a point of eating Mexican food every day:


Mama Testa’s is my favorite for sure:

Surprise, Mom!

My dad and his helpers (my mom’s friends) did a great job putting everything together. It was gorgeous. Full of weird french food that my parents love:

NABPP = Not a birthday party party

A few days later, dim sum at Jasmine – woohoo!

And then, randomly, disneyland!?!? I don’t know what inspired this one but I thought it would be great. And it WAS AMAZING. I felt like a little kid again.

We went on our birthday(s)-same day- and wore these buttons. Everyone working at disneyland wished us a happy birthday. It was great.

While in SD, Timo learned to surf:


And he did a great job!


We also got to meet up with great friends and I really wish I had pictures because I love those guys!! But I do have one with Jordan, and he’s just the cat’s pajamas.

  • Leesie

    Such a great time… and so fun to have you and T. here with us for a few secret hours.  We all miss you terribly!  Come back soon.  Mexican food awaits on every corner….